These are two very common reasons why people end up starting to go to a gym regularly, and that is to either lose weight or build muscle mass. Depending on a person’s size and weight, many people find it easier to lose weight than to build up muscle when they are actively going to a gym near me. High Point residents might have heard the fact that they could be losing muscle mass if they are not actively working out, which can cause people to work out their muscles too much and cause them to hurt themselves. This leads many people to wonder how quickly do muscles lose mass if they are not actively working out?

Muscle Mass Loss Should Not Lose Mass for Many Weeks

Many people are under the impression that if they wait only a couple of days since they last worked out, then they are going to lose all the progress they made on the muscles, and therefore they end up frequently going to a gym near me. High Point Residents should be made aware muscles will not start to lose mass until they have not been working for many weeks. Most people assume that this is only one week or two weeks, but in fact it will take four or five weeks before muscles start to lose mass.

Overworking Muscles is a Huge Risk

Because many people fear losing all the progress they have made on their muscles, they run the risk of actually hurting themselves by working out too much. Muscles should be giving a rest even for a couple of days when someone actively goes to a gym near me. High Point residents should be made aware that if they pull a muscle it can set them back weeks from being able to work out that muscle, as well as any muscles that are related or close by. If you are worried about quickly losing muscle mass, don’t be. Instead, focus on maximizing a workout instead of how many workouts you can fit in at one time.

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