Working out and exercising is a very physical activity. A person is using their energy to use their muscles to their limit in order to get stronger over time. While working out is very physical, even when going to a local gym near me, Pine Island residents might not be aware that when someone is building up muscles, they are also building up their brain. There are many mental benefits to regular exercise than more people realize, and only recently in the last decades have we had science to prove some of these benefits and how they correlate with exercise.

Exercise reduces Depression and Anxiety

The mind and its chemicals have a lot to do with how a person feels throughout the day or throughout the week. When someone works out regularly at a local gym near me, Pine Island residents may start to notice that their mood starts to change for the better. Oftentimes the different chemicals released in the brain during a rigorous workout can make a person happier, which also can reduce depression and anxiety in individuals. There are many chemicals that are created and realized in the brain when someone exercises, but the most common chemical known to scientists to cause the greatest change in mood is dopamine.

Improved Mental Resilience and Healthy Brain Aging

In recent years, there has been many studies done and information given in regard to regular exercising and how it can help an aging mind. Even when going to a gym near me, Pine Island may be preparing themselves later in life for better brain activity and healthy brain aging. There is no evidence that exercise may reverse or stop the mental decline related to aging, but there is evidence to suggest that it can be slowed down or lessened. This is the same logic behind how doing certain activities like word puzzles can potentially stimulate a brain in older adults to keep their sharpness for longer as they get older.

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