Regardless if someone is only working out for thirty minutes, or if they are participating in a sporting event that will last a couple of hours, it is very important that a person stays hydrated. But it is important to know that some drinks are not a good option for someone who is exerting energy from exercise. This is why everyone should be encouraged to bring something to drink whenever they choose to go to the gym. Pine Island residents might be wondering what type of drinks they should be drinking both during a workout and afterwards when they are trying to relax when there are so many options to choose from.

What to Drink at the Gym

Staying hydrated is essential to give someone the energy to keep going with their workout routine, but what drink should someone consume when they are working out at the gym? Pine Island residents should know that special energy drinks or sports drinks are not always necessary to stay hydrated. In most cases, such as with moderate exercise at the gym, an individual can get hydration they need from water. In more extensive workouts and longer time periods, a person may want to drink something that is high in electrolytes in order to keep their energy levels up for a longer period of time.

What to Drink After a Workout

What someone consumes after a workout is not to keep them hydrated but rather to help them maximize their recovery and gains from the stress of exercising at the gym. Pine Island residents can drink water, but it offers little to no benefit to help the individual with gains. This is why many people prefer to consume drinks supplements after a workout that are high in things like protein to help their muscles. Some people will consume protein shakes to aid them after a workout, while others will consume products such as creatine. If someone is not feeling the greatest after a workout, such as sore or tired, they may want to consume something that is high in electrolytes.

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