A lot more people today are going to the gym for the first time than they have at any other point in their lives. Having a healthy gym routine and getting into shape is a top priority for many, and when it comes to equipment used at a gym, Spring Hill residents have a high chance of choosing equipment that builds and tones the muscles of the upper body. For new gym users, it can be hard to tell the difference between different types of equipment, or which equipment would be best to work out specific parts of their body. Here are the most common and often the best pieces of equipment to use to work on the muscles of the upper body.

Shoulder Press

The shoulder press is often a good piece of equipment to start out with because it is easy to use and works best on shoulder muscles and triceps, or the muscles at the back of someone’s arms. When using a shoulder press at a local gym, Spring Hill residents will need to sit down and rest there back on the backrest, and push the handles or arms of the machine up. This machine can have different amounts of weight that can be utilized by both beginners and experienced gym goers alike. Always remember to not extend your lower back off the seat for the best results.

Chest Press

Another common piece of equipment that is a great place to start for people going to the gym for their first time is the chest press. When it comes to different kinds of chest presses at a gym, Spring Hill residents should know they come in different configurations. Some chest presses are like a shoulder press where you are in a sitting position, also they have them where the person will be laying down to work out their chest muscles. Apart from chest muscles, a chest press can also be a good workout to build tricep muscles.

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